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January 12, 2022
The High Atlas Mountains
The High Atlas Mountains
January 14, 2022

The High Atlas

The high atlas

What to do in the High Atlas

The High Atlas is one of the most suitable regions of Morocco for those who love active vacations because it offers numerous opportunities for outdoor sports in all seasons. You can also make unusual experiences to add something original to your vacation or to cultivate your interests while travelling.


The High Atlas is a true paradise for hikers of all levels, from beginner to expert. The mountains of the area are crisscrossed by easily passable mule tracks that lead to Berber villages and shelters at high altitudes (3000 meters or more). The more experienced can undertake trekking for more days with a ring circuit. The most famous and frequented by international tourists is the circuit of Toubkal, which can be done in 5 or 10 days depending on the chosen route. If you are looking for absolute peace, opt for a trek in the M’Goun Massif and let yourself be charmed by the spectacular valleys you will cross and the villages where time seems to have stopped. The circuit around the mountain requires 4 days of walking during which you will have to wade through shallow streams several times.

It is better to pack waterproof hiking boots. The High Atlas mountains are covered in snow during the winter, necessitating the use of appropriate equipment. Avoid the cold months if you do not have experience in winter trekking.


Morocco is emerging as an emerging destination for two-wheeled tourism. The winding roads of the High Atlas, with their steep switchbacks and spectacular views, will delight road cycling enthusiasts. Many of the dirt roads and mule tracks travelled by hikers are also suitable for mountain bikes. More and more specialized agencies are springing up to offer MBT routes in the High Atlas. The majority of hotels offer excursions and bike rental. Not all are qualified to give reliable information about the itineraries to follow. It is better to contact specialized agencies. A bike tour allows you to explore the High Atlas in more depth, covering greater distances than you could do on foot and reaching hidden and surprising corners. You will cross mountain passes, villages, valleys and admire high peaks, gorges, rivers and waterfalls. The best times for a cycling vacation in the High Atlas are September-November and March-June.

Winter skiing

The image that immediately comes to mind when thinking of Morocco is that of the desert and one tends to conclude that in this country. It is hot everywhere and in all seasons. The truth is quite different because Morocco has a varied landscape and the mountains of the High Atlas are a perfect example of this: on the highest peaks, snow is almost guaranteed during the winter months and it is not by chance that the most famous ski resorts of the country are located in this area. The most popular is Oukaïmeden, about 70 km from Marrakech.

The level of quality of the ski facilities is on average lower than European standards. However, a skiing vacation in Morocco is an excellent idea if you want to see different landscapes than the “usual” Alps and combine your favourite sport with the opportunity to learn about a fascinating culture and – why not? – taste the gastronomic specialities of the region. It is generally possible to do winter skiing in Morocco from November to April.

4×4 Excursions

If you have little time or no desire to engage in physical activities. Then, you can choose to admire the scenic beauty of the High Atlas with a 4×4 excursion. The 4×4 tours vary greatly in duration and stages included in the itinerary. The offer is very wide and you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and interests, with a single day 4×4 excursion from Marrakech. You can see the landscapes of the desert, valleys, villages and plains at the foot of the mountains. With more time on your hands. You can make more stops and stay longer in each place to enjoy it more leisurely. Also, you can combine the car tour with short hikes of easy/medium difficulty.

Other activities

Trekking, biking and 4×4 excursions are the most popular activities for those who want to explore the High Atlas but there are many other possibilities. In addition, the Toubkal and other peaks in the surrounding area are great bases from which to paraglide. An adrenaline-pumping activity that will satisfy thrill-seekers. Other thrilling activities you can do in the High Atlas are climbing and canyoning. Something much more relaxing, and affordable for everyone. Hot air balloon rides or Berber cookery lessons to learn how to prepare one or two traditional Berber dishes.

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