The High Atlas Mountains

The high atlas
The High Atlas
January 14, 2022
Travel in Morocco
Travel in Morocco
January 15, 2022

The High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains


What to see in the High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas Mountains:

The High Atlas Mountains are especially popular with those who love nature and landscapes. Then, the list of things to see in this region also includes traditional villages and centuries-old fortresses that are still perfectly preserved. Here are the must-see attractions in the High Atlas.

The best attractions of the High Atlas Mountains:

1-Todra Gorges

In the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains, in a remote part of Morocco bordering the Jebel Sarhro mountain range, are the Todra Gorges. One of the most spectacular canyons in the world. High walls of pink and grey rock carved by the water will open before your eyes leaving you amazed by their grandeur. At some points the cliffs, up to 300 meters high. Come so close as to make the scenery even more spectacular and once past this point you can reach the beautiful Berber village of Tamtattouchte, 42 kilometres from the Dades Gorge. The last 600 meters of the Todra Gorge are the most spectacular and the sheer walls reach a height of 160 meters and are only 10 meters apart.

The spectacular rock crevices of the Todra Gorges are the ideal place for climbing since the limestone that forms them is very hard and resistant. If you visit this popular tourist destination, you can make a stop in Tinerhir, a town just 15 kilometres away from the canyon, nestled in a scenic valley.

2-Dades Gorges

One of the most spectacular and scenic places in Morocco is the Dades Valley, a canyon not far from the Todra Gorges, 110 kilometres from Ouarzazate, in the heart of the Valley of Roses, which can also be reached by public transportation but is ideal to visit by renting a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The Dades Valley, or Valley of the Thousand Kasbahs, was formed over the last 600 million years through the walls of the High Atlas Mountains by the Dades River and It has been the principal route between the desert and Tifilalt’s old commercial oases for hundreds of years. Its lunar landscapes are strewn with oases, palm groves, and lovely Kasbahs, providing a stunning contrast between the brown rock formations and the vivid colours.

It has been the principal route between the desert and Tifilalt’s old commercial oases for hundreds of years. Its lunar landscapes are strewn with oases, palm groves, and lovely Kasbahs, providing a stunning contrast between the brown rock formations and the vivid colours. The Kasbahs scattered in this valley are absolutely not to be missed, beautiful those of Skoura, a wonderful oasis with a stunning view of the Atlas mountain range, although the natural beauty of the area is the real treasure, give yourself some time, with a half-day you can make beautiful hiking trips, to explore the hidden canyons such as the Miguirne gorge where you can find natural pools and springs. The best time to visit the Dades Gorges is in spring when nature in the valley is extraordinarily lush.

3-Tizi n’Tichka

The Tizi N’Tichka pass with its 2 thousand 260 meters above sea level is the highest pass in Morocco and is located on the road that leads from Marrakech to Ouarzazate through the High Atlas mountains. The road is very scenic and fascinating winding first between a green landscape, then between imposing mountains to the arid desert. Along the way, you will see the Agadir of Arhbalou, a fortified red ochre barn. At the top of Tizi-n-Tichka, you can take a 25 km detour to the Kasbah of Telouet built-in 1900. It is one of the residences of the last pasha of Marrakech, of which remain. in addition, to the supporting structure, the wonderful mosaics, stucco and inlays of the reception hall.

4-Tizi N’Test

At a height of 2 thousand 92 meters, among the mountains of the High Atlas. Lies the Tizi n’Test pass that connects the cities of Taroudant and Taliouine. The road, full of hairpin bends and is very challenging. It was built by the French to connect Marrakech to the Souss plain and the desert, and it is considered now one of Morocco’s most beautiful roadways. The Tizi-n-Test is located along the mountain road and will allow you to admire breathtaking views. Then, including gorges, remote villages and snow-capped peaks except they become arid and wild. If you decide to drive along with a rental car, be very careful as it is very narrow in some places and you will have problems. If you meet another vehicle in the opposite direction and moreover it is without road signs.

5- Imlil

Just an hour’s drive from Marrakech, Imlil seems light years away from the chaos of the big city. It’s a pretty little town nestled in the mountains at an altitude of about 1800 meters. The clusters of houses are about 15-20 minutes walk apart and a small centre with stores and restaurants. Although it is an ideal place to rest and get some fresh air after the stifling heat of Marrakech. Few tourists come to Imlil to stay put. Almost everyone uses it as a base to climb Jebel Toubkal. The highest mountain in North Africa. The climb does not require mountaineering skills. Also, it is quite challenging both because the final stretch to the top is very steep and because of the high altitude (the summit is at an altitude of 4167m).

Instead of arriving in the day from Marrakech and leaving immediately for the mountain hut from which to climb Toubkal. Moreover, you can stay a night in Imlil to give your body time to gradually get used to the altitude. Also, you will enjoy a wonderful day of relaxation. If you don’t feel like trekking to Toubkal. You can take pleasant walks around the city to visit nearby villages, such as Aroumd. Then, you can drink freshly squeezed orange juice while admiring a waterfall. If, on the other hand, you are an experienced hiker and the ascent of the Toubkal is not enough. Also, you can complete the Toubkal circuit, a fascinating multi-day trek.

6-Oasis of Skoura

In the past, Skoura was the meeting point between the Tuareg merchants arriving from the desert and the inhabitants of the mountain. Villages leaving with their newly purchased goods for Fez. Today, trade takes place mostly in Ouarzazate, a city 40 km away. Moreover, the souks of Skoura are still very lively and represent an excellent opportunity to see a glimpse of authentic life in this region of Morocco. Set in intricate palm trees that has earned Skoura the nickname “the city of a thousand palms”. It is a place where green mixes with the brick colour of the kasbah and other traditional buildings.

The palm trees can be explored on foot or by bicycle. It is better if accompanied by a guide because orientation is rather difficult. Also, don’t miss the Kasbah Amridil which is built in the seventeenth century, one of the most beautiful of all in Morocco. You can take a look at the Cultural Center of Skoura where you can make purchases in solidarity.

7-Cascades of Ouzoud

Perfect for a day trip from Marrakech is the Cascades of Ouzoud, the highest waterfalls in North Africa. They are imposing streams of water that plunge into a gorge of reddish rock at the foot of the mountains. It is a breathtaking natural spectacle, made even more fun by the presence of cute little monkeys. To complete a magnificent day immersed in nature, you can treat yourself to a tasty lunch in a restaurant with a terrace from which you can admire the falls. In warmer periods you can swim in the falls while throughout the year. You can take a short boat ride to admire them more closely.

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