Travel in Morocco

The High Atlas Mountains
The High Atlas Mountains
January 14, 2022
Feasts and kitchen in Morocco
Feasts in Morocco
January 15, 2022

Travel in Morocco

Travel in Morocco

Travel To Morocco

Here is the etiquette in a nutshell

Some small tips for an even richer vacation

How to dress in public places, what words to use to thank a person, how to behave in a market:

here is a small vademecum to help you leave prepared and enjoy your travel in Morocco with “Morocco Tour Operator” agency.
In the Moroccan markets, it is common practice to haggle over the price of products, in the Mosques it is necessary to dress appropriately.

In the mosque:

Most of the mosques in Morocco are forbidden to non-Muslims: among the religious buildings open to all is that of Hassan II in Casablanca. To enter one must respect certain rules. It is not possible to do so during prayers and official ceremonies. Inside mosques the areas for men and women are separate. Men must wear at least a short-sleeved shirt and below-the-knee pants. Women are required to have their arms and legs covered and to wear a headscarf; shoes must be left outside.


Travel in Morocco during Ramadan

During Ramadan, it is not allowed to smoke, drink, eat in public, and throw food on the ground. Also, you must ask permission to take a picture of a person, as women should never be photographed. In some settings such as tombs or museums in Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier, a fee may be charged for taking photos or filming. In public, to exchange effusions is strongly discouraged.


The markets

If you happen to go to a market (souq), it is common practice to haggle over the price of products. Often the first request that is made is very exorbitant, you pretend indifference and play down. Also, a solution could be to buy more products in the same place to be able to then negotiate and ask for a discount. In addition, one of the most interesting markets is the Grand Socco in Tangier. Here, you will find stalls selling fruit and vegetables, local handicrafts, textiles and clothing.


Useful words

During your trip to Morocco, it can be very important to learn some words of Arabic: here are the main ones

Thank you (thousand): Choukran (Choukran Bezaf)

Good morning / Good evening: Sabah L’khir/ Msal’khir

Goodbye / Hello: Ma’asalama


With this small vademecum, you are ready to leave for an unforgettable cruise to travel to Morocco:

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