Moroccan beaches

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Moroccan beaches

Moroccan beaches tours

 The 10 most beautiful beaches

Where to go to the sea in Morocco?

1,900 kilometres of Moroccan beaches


In addition to the Imperial Cities and the Sahara Desert, Morocco has a wealth of stunning Moroccan beaches resorts.

Whether it’s beaches facing the windy Atlantic Ocean, such as Mogador in Essaouira, arid desert beaches, such as Legzira beach in Sidi Ifni, or Mediterranean coasts with crystal clear water, such as La Perla Blu, you can always enjoy enchanting beach life.

Lying in the sun or on a surfboard, you’ll just have to choose which location to visit. And it’s not easy.

That’s why we’ve selected for you the 10 most beautiful beaches in Morocco.

Before you start, we suggest you consider buying travel insurance for Morocco, before your departure.

1 – Bathing in Essaouira: Mogador and other beaches

Essaouira is the queen of Moroccan beaches tourism destinations. Those who choose a beach vacation in this country go to Essaouira.

It is one of the most important ports for fishing, but this is not its most interesting feature (unless you do not appreciate fish dishes, in which case you must try at least one of its small restaurants). Essaouira, located on the Atlantic coast, is a very windy place and therefore ideal for lovers of water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

You are not interested in ploughing through the waves and prefer to take a siesta?

The beach of Mogador will take your breath away, at least as its incredible Medina on the sea, not for nothing a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, if you’re in the company of your better half, don’t miss an excursion on the sand on the back of a dromedary. Better at sunset: you will rarely have a more romantic experience.


2 – Agadir and one of the most beautiful bays in the world

The bay of Agadir is considered by many to be “one of the most beautiful in the world”. Do not miss it.

You’ll be greeted by a beach equipped in every way, as you might expect from one of Morocco’s top resorts for mass tourism. Restaurants, bars, hotels and first-rate services surround the seafront. Nevertheless, you won’t have to give up the relaxation that reigns everywhere in Agadir. Especially in its wildest Moroccan beaches: Aghround, Aourir and Tifnit.

3 – Agadir and Taghazout beach

Another of the most popular beaches in Morocco is located near Agadir. It is, in fact, known as the Kilometre 25 beach, as it is located just 25 kilometres from the city of Agadir. However, Taghazout beach deserves to be remembered by its name precisely because of its beauty. You will certainly not forget it after being there, trust me.

What to do in Taghazout?

Surfing. Also here you will find the ideal conditions to have fun with your board. Moreover, the place is famous for the production of Argan oil and for fishing. If you’re looking for souvenirs or a typical dish, just look a few meters from the beach. And, of course, you can also relax in the sun in front of the waves.

4 – Dragon Beach in Dakhla

This time we go south of Agadir, and we arrive in Dakhla.

This little town is home to the World Kitesurfing Championship. You can well imagine that you won’t have to give up the sport: kitesurfing, surfing and even sailing are daily activities. Situated close to the desert, Dakhla’s beach is sheltered from its arid and hot climate by the winds that blow from the sea and the surrounding peaks. The result is the ideal temperature and the right winds to plough through the waves!

The pride of Dakhla, however, is the Dragon island which preserves the beautiful Dragon Beach. A beautiful white beach located on an island not far from the hot and desert coast of Dakhla. A wonderful and evocative location.

5 – Nador and Charrana Beach

Nador is located between the beautiful Lagoon of Mar Chica and the high peaks of the Rif mountains. An enviable geographical position, with unique landscapes. The beach of Nador, then, is a real gem. Never, however, like the wild Charrana Beach: If you move a little away from Nador you will find yourself in complete solitude, in front of the sea and Nature. The place is known, in fact, to Moroccans, much less to international tourists.

6 – Casablanca, the luxurious coastline of Ain Diab

Casablanca also could not miss our list. In particular for the beautiful beach of Ain Diab and its luxurious facilities.

Ain Diab is, in fact, located on a coastline known as La Corniche, a place famous for its chic atmosphere, fine restaurants and nightclubs open until morning. In short, the ideal place to find a bit of nightlife is by the sea. There is no lack, however, of fascinating panoramas and traditional structures.

Which ones?

The landscape is seen from the lighthouse of El Hank;
the marabout of Sidi Bou Abderrahmane.


7 – Saidia: The Blue Pearl

“The Blue Pearl”, a sweet nickname of Saidia, is a small town near Oujda, located in the northeastern part of Morocco.

On the beaches of its 14 kilometres of coastline, a wonderful dark blue sea awaits you. Difficult not to take a dip there. If you are looking for an isolated place, reach the bay of Cap de l’Eau. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the place in peace. Last curiosity: Saidia is the perfect meeting point of the three cultures Moroccan, Algerian and Spanish. How come? Because it is located a few kilometres from Algeria and the Spanish enclave of Melilla.


8 – The Beach of Legzira, in Sidi Ifni

A red cliff on which the waves of the ocean roar, limestone rocks that protect the beach and produce iconic arches carved by wind and water over the centuries: we are on the beautiful beach of Lagzira. Located between the small towns of Tiznit and Sidi Ifni, it is a popular destination, especially for hikers and surfers. However, Lagzira Beach is a magical place where everyone can enjoy the sea and a panorama that is impossible not to photograph.

When to take the best shots?

When the sun goes out into the ocean and the beach is dressed in its most beautiful colours. The rock arches are painted in ochre red and the cliffs are tinged with soft pink tones.

9 – Oued Laou Beach

The beach of Oued Laou is not far from Tetouan, just 40 kilometres away.

The transparent seawater and the fine sand of its shores well represent the mental image that each of us has of paradise beaches.

To fully enjoy the view, walk along its pedestrian walkways and promenade. Then, have dinner in one of its small restaurants.

Oued Laou is a beautiful seaside resort, still little known and therefore with incredibly affordable prices. If you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches and save money.

10 – Oualidia

For Moroccans, this is where they eat absolutely “the best oysters in the country”. The seaside resort of Oualidia, however, is not only known for its fish but above all for its beach. You will be faced with a beach that is lost for over 3 kilometres between sand and nature. Here, in addition to quiet walks, you can also rent everything you need to practice all kinds of water sports. We are located south of the resort of El Jadida.


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