Moroccan tours

Best destinations in Morocco
Best destinations in Morocco
January 31, 2022
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Things to do in Merzouga desert
September 12, 2023

Moroccan tours

Moroccan tours

Go on holiday in Morocco

Add a cultural dimension to your discovery of Morocco by choosing an excursion that will allow you to discover Moroccan tours, culture and authenticity. Morocco is a very welcoming country for children and adults alike. Between the beaches, the Moroccan desert or the visits to monuments, going on a family Moroccan tour will fill you up.

Discovering Morocco, the Land of the Far Sunset

A tourist destination with a thousand and one contrasts, Morocco boasts a clever blend of authenticity and modernity. With the Mediterranean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Morocco is a destination that lends itself perfectly to escape and relaxation. On a trip to Morocco, you will enjoy outdoor activities, history and museums, art and culture, but also beaches with splendid seasides. From the Atlas Mountains to the varied urban settings, Moroccan tours are full of surprises.

Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that a Moroccan tours in 2022 allows you to play golf in the best conditions. Indeed, Morocco has some thirty golf courses, including the Royal Golf Tangier, one of the greens dating from 1914. This Maghreb country is also distinguished by its varied landscapes. So get your clubs ready and take advantage of the high-quality infrastructure for a golfing Moroccan tours!

Discover Moroccan gastronomy

Enjoy tagines, Keftas, couscous, vegetable or legume soups, grilled kebabs and fish in the coastal towns during a stay in Morocco. In addition to these great classics of Moroccan culinary tradition, we advise you to try the local aubergine caviar, also known as Zaalouk, and to taste the Briouates, flaky meat or fish turnovers. Breakfast will consist of fresh fruit, while the aperitif will introduce you to Moroccan bread with olives.

How to evoke Morocco without talking about tea?

Mint tea is a tradition strongly anchored in the daily life of Moroccans. A factor of social bonding and a symbol of hospitality, it is also and above all a delicious beverage to drink at any time of the day. However, it is customary to serve it at the end of a meal as a digestive after a rich and copious meal.

Tea can be accompanied by Moroccan pastries such as the famous gazelle horns, baklava, Baghrir or Feqqas. Although alcohol is not served in most restaurants, some Western bars allow you to taste Moroccan beer and wine. These include the famous wines of Meknes and the vineyards of Doukkala, famous for the grey wine of Boulaouane.

What souvenir to bring back from Morocco?

Morocco is one of those destinations from which one does not return empty-handed. The local handicrafts are particularly suitable for buying gifts for your loved ones.

Argan oil is one of the most popular souvenirs among tourists. It is particularly sought after in the field of cosmetics and is also consumed as a food oil. Its effectiveness in preventing cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer makes it a highly sought-after commodity.

Tea is an obvious choice when it comes to choosing a gift to bring back from your travels in Morocco. You can also choose to pack a Moroccan teapot in your luggage to make your own mint teas when you return from your holiday.

For decoration, opt for a Fez pottery, a Moroccan wrought iron candlestick or a Berber carpet. These gifts are popular with holidaymakers and will dress up a room with taste.

Some places to travel in Morocco?


Your discovery of Morocco should start with a holiday in Marrakech. From the top of the historic ramparts of the “red city”. You can see the contours of the Atlas Mountains some 65km away. From the top of the spectacular walls of the “red city”. The spectacle of the palm trees and the Moroccan desert is fascinating. But the spectacle is also to be found in the Kasbah and the old town. Marrakech fascinates travellers for a reason: its architecture and history make it a never-ending field of exploration and discovery. Your first visit to Marrakech should include a trip to the Medina, where you can admire its architectural treasures and visit the souks. The Medina of Marrakech is the largest in the Maghreb and has many surprises in store for you.

If you are looking for a cultural outing during your Morocco tours , why not visit the Marrakech Museum? Located a few steps from the Ben Youssef Medersa, a Koranic school whose architecture is worth a visit, you can admire ceramics, weapons, Berber jewellery, carpeted clothing and traditional Moroccan objects in the unique setting of a 19th-century palace. The place also hosts concerts, plays and other live performances.

Finally, if you opt for a short stay in Morocco by choosing a weekend in Marrakech. You should take the time to visit the Majorelle garden. It owes its fame to Yves-Saint Laurent who bought and renovated it in 1980. The beauty of this botanical garden is breathtaking and you will be able to contemplate no less than 300 species from the 5 continents on a 1-hectare estate. This spellbinding visit will make your trip to Marrakech a magical moment to share with your loved ones.

For more advice on visits, places to see and things to do in Marrakech:

we also suggest a visit to the Bahia Palace, the former residence of the Vizier Ba Ahmed, whose architecture inevitably evokes the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights. Finally, don’t hesitate to get lost in the souks for a total change of scenery, take a camel ride, discover the palm groves, go on a trek in the Anti-Atlas, spend a night in a riad or relax in a hammam.


If you are looking for cultural visits, the city of Fez will meet your expectations. The third-largest city in Morocco, Fez is the heart of Moroccan craftsmanship.

The city is first of all famous for the Chouara tannery. This open-air tannery is the largest in Morocco and attracts many curious holidaymakers. Here you can watch the tanning process, admire the many dye vats and even buy some souvenirs to take home.

The other speciality of Fez is pottery. The pottery of Fez is characterised by its geometric patterns and the use of a unique blue, the “blue of Fez”. This craft has been perpetuated since the 11th century and requires long training to master. In fact, there are still many craftsmen in Fez who design their products by hand. Your trip to Fez is therefore a perfect opportunity to acquire authentic and unique Fez pottery.

Your Moroccan tours in the city of Fez will also take you to many historical sites. To begin with, the medina of Fez is the oldest in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit is therefore essential even if you are only in Fes for a weekend. We also advise you to go to the Bab Chorfa gate to admire the ceramics, to visit the Quaraouiyine Mosque, the Koranic school Médersa Bou Inania and to look at the numerous museums of Fes such as the Weapons Museum, the Nejjarine Museum or the Bartha Museum.


Essaouira is sometimes compared to Saint-Malo because of its belt of ramparts bordering the sea. Formerly known as Mogador, Essaouira is a modestly sized port city with a change of scenery, where life is good. The picturesque streets, the port, the beaches, the ramparts and the magnificent sunset are all reasons to go for a last-minute trip to Essaouira for romantic cheap Moroccan tours.

Our travel packages in Morocco

Morocco Tour Operator: family holidays with peace of mind
Choose to go on a holiday with Morocco tour operator to enjoy a trip with no nasty surprises. During an all-inclusive trip to Morocco, meals, transport and all your activities are included. You will therefore have plenty of time to enjoy your free time with your family. Among the activities on offer, you will find classics such as the swimming pool, the aquapark, tennis, table tennis as well as large playgrounds for children. If you opt for a Jumbo club in Morocco, you and your family can even enjoy French-speaking entertainment as well as sports and leisure activities.

Visit Morocco for a weekend

Morocco is only a few hours flight from Europe. It is therefore perfectly reasonable to choose a weekend in Morocco for a relaxing city break. Whether you prefer seaside resorts or cultural visits, Morocco has everything to please you for a weekend. You can sunbathe on the beaches of Agadir, stay in a Riad in Marrakech, visit Taroudant and much more on a short stay in Morocco of three days or more.

Thalasso in Morocco

Morocco is a popular destination for thalasso treatments. A thalasso in Morocco offers you all its relaxing benefits in a setting, particularly at the crossroads of the desert, the Atlas and the Atlantic. Your wellness stays in Morocco is therefore adorned with an oriental fragrance that cannot be found anywhere else and which ensures maximum relaxation. In the same spirit, look also at our thalassotherapy in Tunisia.

Going to Morocco at the last minute

Looking for a last-minute stay in Morocco? Check out our Morocco tour operator offers for your Morocco tours and go throughout the year when you want


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